Naturcamp Schluchsee

Naturcamp Schluchsee

Explore our Naturcamp at Schluchsee...

Where is the Naturcamp located?

Naturcamp Schluchsee is located in Aha, approx. 5 minutes' walk from Aha train station. In addition to arriving by public transport, it is also possible to arrive individually by car via the B500 main road. Please note: Due to the location of the "nature camp" towards the road, traffic noise can be heard depending on the weather. Due to the proximity to the B500 main road, traffic noise can be heard depending on the traffic situation, wind and weather.

For whom is Naturcamp?

The nature camp at Schluchsee is suitable for young and old, smaller and larger budgets, adventurers, nature lovers, those seeking relaxation, but also for seminar participants, excursion groups or company employees. We specifically target school classes and other groups of children and young people to enable them to experience "Nature at Schluchsee". With our accommodation at the Schluchsee, we can cater to different needs and turn an overnight stay at the Schluchsee into an unforgettable adventure. Not only the camp itself, but also the surrounding area offers numerous leisure activities. Cars are not permitted at our Naturcamp.

What is so special about the Naturcamp at Schluchsee in the Black Forest?

The nature camp is run by the association (Natur für alle e.V.). Our aim is to make the interrelationships of life tangible and comprehensible. We want to live with and from nature as much as possible, promote sustainability and convey the importance of environmental awareness and nature conservation to our guests. Here, social, cultural, energetic, biological and economic aspects intertwine and form an inseparable network that can serve as a model for technical innovations in everyday life. The somewhat different campsite in the Black Forest integrates natural processes into waste-free cycles in order to operate sustainably in the long term. The nature camp is run by an association and we rely on the help of every guest when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness.

What are the aims of the Naturcamp?

With our Naturcamp, we have set ourselves the goal of making barrier-free nature tourism with a wide range of accommodation options at Schluchsee and self-catering accessible to people of all backgrounds. Whether as guests or as employees - we ensure social inclusion for people with special needs through natural participation and inclusion, especially in catering and agricultural work areas.

Energy self-sufficient living, particularly in the form of passive houses, photovoltaics and hydropower, is another goal.

 How do we achieve our goals?

By integrating pupils and school companies, we are able to realize practical projects in a timely manner and at the same time give young people experience and self-confidence. We also offer traineeships for the trades or arrange cooperation between amateurs and professionals. People with disabilities are always welcome here.

This results in advantages for everyone involved. In addition to the interdisciplinary cooperation between completely different professions, the nature camp guarantees jobs for everyone, regardless of gender, origin or handicap. Similar to a youth hostel at Schluchsee, we are able to provide young people and school classes in particular with knowledge and skills that they would not be able to practice sufficiently in the usual classroom setting.

The basic rules of the camp

  • The Naturcamp ist a self-catering Camp. You must bring or prepare your own food. We do not provide any cooking utensils (including gas stoves), please bring your own.
  • No cars are allowed on our site (exception only for loading and unloading). We are therefore unfortunately not the right place for travelers with motorhomes.
  • The Naturcamp asks for consideration and tolerance towards other campers, especially with regard to the nightly quiet time (from 23:00 - 06:00) and the hygiene of the sanitary facilities.
  • Our Natrucamp should be a place of retreat and strength for everyone - that's why we pay great attention to the night's rest!
  • We live close to nature and ask for respect for nature and its animal inhabitants. That is why maintaining cleanliness and respecting the environment is our top priority.
  • The property of our campsite is available to everyone. We attach great importance to treating our accommodation and the Naturcamp itself with care.

Frequently asked questions...

Is it possible to rent the entire Naturcamp?

The Natrucamp can be hired exclusively for groups of 50 or more. In this case, an additional flat rate of € 100 will be charged. Exclusive use includes all huts and tents of the nature camp. If the actual number of participants falls below 50, the booked number of at least 50 participants plus the flat rate of € 100 will still be charged.

Are there grilling facilities at the nature camp?

The barbecue areas are available to our overnight guests free of charge, only the required firewood is subject to a charge. For our day guests who spend their vacation at Schluchsee but do not stay overnight, a flat rate per person is charged.

When can I arrive and when do I have to leave?

Arrival is possible from 01:00 at noon. We ask you to leave by 11:00 am. Our check-in times are between 5:00 - 07:00 pm, please note: if you arrive before 5pm the office is not normally manned. In this case, please call the cell phone number hanging on the left outside the camp entrance gate. We will then give you all the important information over the phone.

Are dogs allowed?

The Naturcamp is used by a wide variety of groups, who use barbecue and cooking areas in several places. To avoid potential conflicts, dogs are not allowed on the nature camp.

Where can I cook at the camp?

Es gibt eine offene “Kochhütte” mit Ablageflächen, Licht, Strom, Wasser, Spülbecken.
Wichtig: Kochutensilien wie Gaskocher, Töpfe, Geschirr, Gläser, etc. bitte selbst mitbringen. Wir stellen keinerlei Kochutensilien!   


Zur Kühlung der Lebensmittel bitte eigene Kühlbox mitbringen.
An den Grillstellen gibt es höhenverstellbare Grillroste.

When starts the Natrurcamp-season?

The Natrucamp is closed for the winter. Depending on the weather, the season starts in April and lasts until October.

What kind of sanitary facilities are there in the camp?

Washbasins, sockets, showers (some with hot water), urinals and toilet bowls.

What does self-catering mean?

Naturcamp Schluchsee is run by a non-profit, voluntary association. We rely on guests to help maintain and develop the camp. This applies in particular to the cleaning of the sanitary facilities, huts, tents, boats and the meadow area. Please only leave the site after you have cleaned the objects and buildings you have used. Our association and the following guests will thank you

Is there WiFi? Unfortunately no

Nein, wir haben kein WLAN auf dem Camp.
Sind Autos auf dem Naturcamp erlaubt?

According to our site regulations, cars are not permitted on the camp. Overnight stays in campers on the Naturcamp parking lots are only permitted in a few exceptional cases, upon prior request.

Where can I park my car?

There are parking spaces in front of the nature camp. As the number of guests arriving by car varies greatly, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee a parking space.