• Guests: 6 sleeping places, maximum 10 sitting spaces
  • Additional: 6 additional tents (maximum 3 people per tent) can be places around the Baumel. Additional tents can be easily be booked in the next step (field "additional tents".
  • Größe:ca. 15 m²
  • Lodgin: 40€ per night
  • Adults: 11€ per night (electricity, water, tourist tax)
  • Youth: 10€ per night (electricity, water, tourist tax)
  • Use: Sleeping room with own sleeping mats and sleeping bags
  • Access: via a ladder at a height of three metres
  • Cover: Transparent panes with (removable) privacy screen
  • Equipment: lighting, charging station smartphone (USB), shelf. Please note: Electricity is available depending on weather conditions (solar panel).
  • Note: The Baumel and Pendulo accommodations are identical and differ only in their location

The transparent windows all around provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The 10 m² room is accessed via a folding ladder. In the evening, small LED lights shine in all colours, the electricity comes from a small photovoltaic system. There is even a USB socket for charging mobile phones next to the touch control of the lights.

Inside there is a flat wooden floor on which the sleeping mats can be laid out. The equipment includes a small integrated shelf. So nothing stands in the way of a floating night in your own sleeping bag.

Please note: Due to the location of the "nature camp" towards the road, traffic noise can be heard depending on the weather.

"You lie in your sleeping bag and look up into the trees and out at the stars. There's something to that."

Sophia S. 19 years old, Camperin at Naturcamp Schluchsee

Price 40€ per night