Own tent

Own tent

  • Guests: individual
  • Size: maximum 5sqm per tent unit or three people per tent. Do you have a larger tent for example for six people? Then please book two tents for three people each.
  • Use: sleeping room with own sleeping mats and sleeping bags
  • Tent meadows: "Firewood" 8 places / "Tree row" 10 places / "Tree corner" 8 places
  • Accommodation: 3€ per tent per night
  • Adults: 11€ per night (service charges + tourist tax)
  • Youths: 10€ per night (additional costs + visitor's tax)

Guests with their own tent are welcome at the nature camp. We have 3 large tent meadows "Feuerholz" / "Baumeck" and "Baumreihe". You are free to choose your own pitch on each of these meadows. If you book a cabin, tents can be pitched around it. You can reserve these tents by entering "Additional tents".

The infrastructure of the Naturcamp such as tables and benches, sanitary facilities, barbecue areas, etc. can be used. Please note: Due to the location of the Naturcamp towards the road, traffic noise can be heard depending on the weather.

Price: 3€ per night